Kristina Sunshine Net Worth

Kristina Sunshine Net Worth
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Kristina Sunshine Jung is the daughter of George Jung and Mirtha Calderon and Kristina Sunshine Net worth one hundred fifty, $150,000. She used to be born 22nd of may just, in 1978, and now she turns 39 years.In 1984, her dad and mom had been divorced and at the moment, she was once six years of age. Her father is a drug smuggler and smuggles medicines inside and outside of the United States. Kristina’s father has always on the news highlights due to his penitentiary histories, court inquiry, drug commerce and the entire outlawing he has been part of all of it. That has shaped estimations and guesses among families, personal, and between the overall public to request extra involving her father and her personal lifestyles, production it a subject matter of chatter and further extra harmful communal evil. Henceforth, she has regularly upheld clandestineness in her man or woman life and consumes rarely come in the concentration. Kristina Sunshine Jung Net Worth is $170,000 for the year of 2017.

About Kristina
1. Birth name Kristina Sunshine Jung
2. Born May 22, 1978 (39 years)
3. Occupation Entrepreneur
4. Year’s active 1999–present
5. Companies BG Apparel and Merchandise
6. Zodiac Cancer
7. Eye Color Brown
8. Hair Color Dirty Blonde
9. Weight 60 Kgs
10. . Height 5’5
11. Father George Jung
12. Mother Mirtha Jung
13. Siblings Clara Pearson
14. Children Athena Romaine Karan
15. Movie Blow

Kristina Sunshine Jung Net Worth
Years Net Worth
2012 $ 110,000
2013 $ 115,000
2014 $ 120,000
2015 $ 135,000
2016 $ 150,000
2017 $ 150,000

She used to be working for BG attire, and her business is going very satisfactory, very quickly, her neighborhood family buddies are of the estimation that she’s going to go international and twin her incomes. Lateral by using lateral, she consumes not simplest tenable, this girl economically but has additionally charity her father’s superstar for the proper pressure and is endorsing her product alongside by way of her stage fellow. Her domestic guarantees are as amazing as her monetary willing. She has upturned, and the drug ethos in her home and it’s absent for hot.

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